Drug Rehab Yorktown (914) 829-5787 Alcohol Treatment Centers
Drug Rehab Yorktown (914) 829-5787 Alcohol Treatment Centers
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Drug Rehab Yorktown (914) 829-5787

Drug Rehab Yorktown assists individuals in the process of recovery from addiction to drugs (or alcohol) through safe and scientifically proven methods of detoxification and behavioral management. Professionally assisted rehabilitation from a center such as Drug Rehab Yorktown is needed because addiction is a complex disease that can have a disastrous effect on all aspects of life, including health, mental wellbeing, relationships, and finances. Recovering from a life of addiction is equally complex and the odds of suffering a relapse can be high without proper treatment. Drug Rehab Yorktown has spent years helping individuals from all backgrounds and with varying chemical dependencies achieve lasting sobriety. If you are suffering from an addiction and are finding it difficult to quit on your own you are not alone. Safe detox and effective treatment are just a call away, dial the addiction specialists with Drug Rehab Yorktown now at (914) 829-5787.

Before and after the detoxification period individuals are put into assessment programs so that the staff is better able to create programs that have worked in the past for the type of drug the patient had been using and/or the duration of time the individual was under the influence or dependent upon it.  Moreover, all underlying disorders are documented and assessed because patients with comorbidity need personalized treatment to successfully rehabilitate.

A stay as an inpatient in a drug rehab center is normally around 28 to 30 days, and gives the addict a period of abstinence and therapies to help them recover physically and mentally from their addiction. Yorktown differs from other rehabilitation facilities in that detox and health evaluations are a part of our first stage of recovery. We don’t require patients to detox prior to entering because that can create an unstable shift in environments. We want our patients to be comfortable and detox safely so that they can begin therapy with a clear mind.

Short term stays can be beneficial for people with a relatively mild addiction and for people returning to rehab, perhaps after a short term relapse or for a “refresher” period. For people with a severe addiction a longer period may be needed to ensure a relapse-free recovery can be achieved.

Long Term Drug Rehab

A long term stay as an inpatient in drug rehab may last for several months, and it may be followed by a stay of up to a year or longer in a therapeutic community or by intensive outpatient treatment for about the same period. The longer stay in rehab gives the addict much more time to learn the new skills they will need to cope with the stresses, crises, and triggers that in the past resulted in addictive behavior.

Therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy do not work overnight and time is needed to uncover the deep rooted causes of the addiction and to deal with underlying psychological problems. Addiction is often associated with childhood abuse or trauma, deep depression, low self-esteem, extreme anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and a host of mental illnesses or mental health disorders. Dual diagnosis of mental illness and addiction is common, and if the addiction is to be beaten all the associated issues must be treated at the same time. Uncovering and dealing with these co-existing disorders can take many months.

We also get patients involved in group sessions as quickly as possible so that the patient builds trust among individuals that he or she may need when they leave our facility.  Yorktown drug treatment centers and alcohol rehabs all have an element of the “12 Step” to them when it comes to creating support groups for patients.  While we feel 12 step by itself is insufficient in most cases to support long-term cessation we do feel that these types of environments when utilized correctly can help manage a successful recovery program

All treatment programs at Drug Rehab Yorktown are followed by involvement, possibly for life depending on the patient and their need for support in a relapse prevention program such as SMART Recovery or a 12-step program. Call us today and begin your journey of recovery, we are available 24/7 at (914) 829-5787.

About Yorktown

Yorktown is in Westchester County, New York.  It is a city with a rich history and a bright future. According to recent census records, there are at least 36,081 people currently living in Yorktown. The town is also growing as it attracts many young professionals and their families seeking growth opportunities and to educate their children in Yorktown’s award winning school districts.  This city is also renowned for its natural resources that has helped to facilitate its economic growth. The city has also been undergoing various revitalization projects especially in the downtown areas.  These new expansion plans align with the city’s motto which is “progress with preservation”.   As such, community leaders are always cognizant of preserving the history and the natural resources available to them in Yorktown for their current and future residents.

Drug Rehab Yorktown (914) 829-5787 Alcohol Treatment Centers

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Drug Rehab Yorktown (914) 829-5787 Alcohol Treatment Centers

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Drug Rehab Yorktown (914) 829-5787 Alcohol Treatment Centers

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